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Thank you to StrongFamilies this program has helped my family through some serious moments and I'm sure it will benefit other families.

StrongFamilies pulled me through the dark times and made me feel I wasn’t alone.

The meeting was good. It's the first time I have hope that things will get better. I haven't been to a government meeting for 5 years because I don't trust them but I am happy with this as I have hope now.


I felt shame in the start, but now I feel that I can talk up and tell them what it is like for me brother, let them know I am worried for my mob and want to help them as well!

You are all legends. Many thanks from our family. It was often difficult to assist our daughter, and very taxing. We were drowning quite literally in our catching the crises. Thank you.


Thankyou everyone, for your support - I feel really good about myself coming to these meetings and doing something for myself-I've never done anything like this before, its really helped me to know how things work.

I couldn't have done this without all the workers there listening to me about my 2 teenage kids, and being able to know that I can tell them all at once is the best ever!. It is good that it is always my meeting, not theirs.

I was voiceless when I came to the first StrongFamilies meeting - now I have the confidence to speak out and voice my concerns.