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The StrongFamilies approach recognises problems experienced by many families are complex and inter-linked, and that these problems can not be solved by one agency alone, or by agencies working in isolation. It also recognises that there are many barriers to bringing about coordinated and collaborative services for families with complex needs.


StrongFamilies is a planning and coordinating process for consenting families who are receiving services from two or more agencies. The StrongFamilies approach is recommended when it is considered that a formalised interagency approach will help the family to achieve their desired outcomes.

Sometimes families find themselves facing many difficulties all at the same time. These difficulties might include issues to do with bringing up children, housing, domestic violence, children staying away from school, physical health, mental health, finances, and alcohol or substance abuse. When families experience complex problems like these, help is often needed from more than one agency.

When a number of agencies provide support to a family, it is very important that the agencies work together in a coordinated way, and that the family is involved in the decisions around what assistance is needed.

StrongFamilies brings family members and agency workers together to share relevant information, identify goals and develop plans to help meet the family’s needs.

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